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Jerry Husted

JERRY HUSTED - Master Trainer


Born and raised in Albuquerque, Jerry grew up in the northeast heights, was co-captain on the wrestling team at Del Norte High School, and after graduation he coached wrestling both as a youth club coach and as a member of the staff.

After high school he went into the construction trades, specifically contract office furnishing systems. He quickly advanced to lead installer and had a merry band of installers to lead. You may even be working on furniture he once installed. Projects include the Governor’s office and the Roundhouse, the Honorable Pete Domenici Federal Courthouse, numerous Department of Energy facilities in the State of New Mexico, and Intel. For almost ten years he had his hands on every desk, chair, filing cabinet, etc. purchased under the blanket Government Services Administration or State of New Mexico contracts.

Then in the summer of ’99, Jerry fell off a loading dock with a desk on top of him, causing a severe and dangerous sequestered herniation of the intervertebral disk between his fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae. And that was that, as they say, for his job, his career, and most shockingly his identity as a man. He spent months in agony and was unable to function in his capacity as a Senior Project Coordinator, or walk, or stand, or sit. Sitting on the toilet was excruciating! Within six months from his injury, Jerry was unemployed, out of his apartment, burning through retirement savings and quite unprepared for the long journey to recovery that was now before him. Poor planning, a poor state of mind, and just plain bad decisions made in less than optimal conditions caused Jerry to lose eight years and gain 140 pounds. Yeah, that’s right…. 140 pounds! He was up to roughly 350 pounds, and taking medication for high blood pressure as well as pain.

In 2008, exactly a week after his 29th birthday, less than a week as the proud owner of a new fishing boat, Jerry’s little brother walked, capped-and-gowned, through his college commencements from ITT Technical School and received his degree in Electronics. After supper with friends and family that night, he went to sleep and did not wake. It was during this time of sorrow that Jerry decided he could no longer exist as he had, could no longer be what he had become, and swore an oath before the Almighty to change. Being a source of strength for his family and managing affairs with his sister, who has Down’s syndrome, became a lifeline that he grasped desperately.

Today, Jerry is a shadow of his former self and ecstatic about that! At just over 200 pounds, the freedom is astonishing! He no longer needs medication to control his blood pressure and now pursues a course of education, fitness training, and business ownership. He is now in a position to help everyone he talks with improve their Quality of Life in any way they may wish.

Today Jerry is a Personal Trainer certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine with specializations in Fitness Nutrition,Corrective Exercise, and Performance Enhancement. He is also certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as an Inclusive Fitness Trainer.

In 2021, Jerry decided to rebrand Adaptability Fitness into Volcanic Training. While still providing adaptive training, he is providing a wider array of programs, including competition training for athletes looking to reach and exceed their peak performance.

“I am a work in progress. I still have work to do, and I am not finished yet.”

Contact Jerry for questions about training, nutrition, or equipment.

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